Sunday, August 31, 2008

Pat Ford Should Hari Kari

Hello From Paris!
I have been following the sky rocket like trip of Pat Ford career. For a time I thought of hitching my wagon upon his star now I am glad my wagon never got hitched to it. His star now dims and will soon be like a cigarette butt on the sidewalk waiting for a heel to rub it out. That is Life or Ce La Vie.
Now I puzzle at his claim of being a good solder. A good solder dos not give up until The Death! A good solder does not have the opportunity to talk to reporters or write letters or have a attorney. It is just the solder and his sword. When the enemy closes in, you must run full stream a head until death.
Mr. Ford has failed on many advanced levels. He has been taken prisoner, he has not fightened to the Death, and now when the time is tough on him, he is turning his back on his King to preserve himself. He is the ultimate failure.
It is amazing how the Winds of Fates blow. Just a year ago I had Dreams like Mr. Ford of smoking cigars and drinking Scotch from a window in a tall building and overlooking our domains. Now look at us. My dream has not come true like an airplane still sitting on the run way. Mr. Fords airplane took off and I watched it soar then like a space shuttle it has ended as a flame ball and wreakage.
The only step left for Mr. Ford is to commit to the Hari Kari to restore his honor. Mr. Ford must go to a public place and do the Hari Kari and maybe his wife can post it on a blog to bring honor back to their family.
But my guess is that Mr. Ford and his Family will be traveling down to Florida again planning out trailer parks where he will be standing on top of his trailer looking out at his domain with a Swisher Sweets Cigar and a drink of Sourthern Comfort.
Good Luck Mr. Ford, remember statue of limitations allows for Hari Kari at anytime to restor honor.