Monday, September 1, 2008

A Kiss for Luke

This photo of Luke is from a Post-Gagette online article about the Pat Ford affair. Look how sad Luke looks! I know he is really upset about breaking up with Pat. You can just tell from this photo. Poor Luke. I think we should all send him a big collective kiss to make him feel better. And, also, because he just looks so darned kissable. Has he ever looked sexier!?

I think if we all send Luke a big kiss we can help he get over his lover's quarrel with Pat just that much quicker. It is a terrible thing when two lovers break up, but sometimes it has to happen. Especially when an innocent young man like Luke falls in love with a deceitful backstabbing older man like Pat Ford. It's like that movie Brokeback Mountain. I just hope their wives will be okay and get over this whole sad affair quickly. Plus Luke has to get on being our Mayor who we love even if he did have a failed affiar with Pat Ford, it was not Luke's fault.

So, I ask that this be "send Luke a Kiss week." Please everyone do you part to cheer up our Mayor. Send him a kiss today.