Monday, March 17, 2008

True Man of Vision: Herb Burger

Hello from the Big Paris!

I was surprised to read on your Pittsburgh online Newspaper the grand words of a true man of Vision and Greatness - Mr. Herb Burger.

Where should I start? His essay is like a buffet with many good treats with so much meat your bowels will become stuck.

His call to action is so persuasive I must stand up and shout, "Yes! The City and State must buy more property in the Downtown to give to Men of Business to grow the dream. Plus, add more parking!"

Mr. Burger is a True Cowboy Man of Vision. I adore his statement of "It is time to go beyond planning and studying...." Forget Market Studies. I picture Mr. Burger in a cowboy hat standing next to a pen of angry bulls. His Clint Eastwood eyes are squinted as he surveys the foaming mouths and angry huffing from the angry massive bulls. Which one will he choose? He chooses the most angry bull and then looks over at you and says, "That is the one YOU will ride! I will watch."

What a brilliant man! I always thought of the hero as the person who takes the risk but now I realize that is wrong. The hero is the one who convinces the stupid to put their life on the line. Take D-Day during the great war of two. A smart person does not run at people who are shooting at them. The smart person gets others to run at the people with the guns, thus the generals of D-Day are the true heros for they were not shot at and lived to see success or if they saw failure, they still lived.

How does this translated in Mr. Burger? He is the general. He is calling for the State and the City to put up the money... to take the risk. But what is great is that the stupid people are the people! They will never know they have been shot. They will say, "I do not have money for my loaf of bread" That is what the Bread of Wonder is for!

I now know how things works in the City of Pittsburgh with People of Vision. I can be with them and soar with them.

Mr. Ruterkraus: I would gladly have you take me out to dinner when you visit Paris. We have many great food establishments. I will allow you to take me to the grandest if that is what you desire. Thank you for the offer. While you are not The Mayor, I would take you as an official representative of the Great City of Pittsburgh.