Tuesday, February 3, 2009

For I Wish to Thank All of Steelers Nation

From the Blacked and Goldened Paris!!!!

I wish to thank every Steeler and Steeler fan for welcoming me into the Steeler Nation. I have been warmed by your black and golden shower of love and adoration.

Through the gray winter times of Paris, I have my heart float to my most adoptable city of Pittsburgh where I beleieve the sun always shines and is always peaking like a smile face from behind the city's lovely hills. In most pictures of Pittsburgh, I see the blue sky and I dream of being there. It might be cold and I have coat on but inside I am warm with good thoughts and good feelings. After your Super Bowl win, Pittsburgh, you are like a woman on the morning after a night of love and passion. You stay in bed. I will bring you breakfast.