Monday, January 5, 2009

I'm So Sad:( sort of

from the Northside...

I finally got Tiffany off the computer so I can use it. I went to see what was going on the Burgh O Sphere and what do I find... the Burghreport is gone!!!!!!! Just like Mark DeSantis. GONE!

That site cost me more smashed packs of cigarettes, more spilt beer than I care to remember. I know my little dog Myron is happy I wont be kicking him as much.

I have no idea who the Burger was even though I bet he will be spending all his new free time at the coffee shop in his black turtle neck reading poetry, but I have to say I am actually sad to see him go. As much as I thought it was a den of hate and vice, I still visited it. In fact, it got me started in this blog business because it was so full of hate for our young smart and bright mayor that I had to start this blog. So this is about as much sad as you will get from me because I am a happy person unless I'm mad. So there is your tear. Are you happy?