Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The End

It has been a good run, but I have to put this blog to rest.

My granddaughter Tiffany has been hogging my computer so I can never get on it and when I do I keep getting these terrible messages that pop up asking me to take my shirt off and do other terrible things. It has to be some kind of aweful virus. So I now hate my computer and I'm giving it to my granddaughter.

I talked to Pierre about it and he said that he has fallen in love with another "adoptable city" Cleveland. I told him he was stupid and that was that.

As for Gay4Luke, he said he would always be in love with Luke.

So say goodbye to the oldest blogger in Pittsburgh. I will always be around playing bingo and keeping IC Light in business.

As for Luke, I will always be your biggest supporter. Even though you never sent me a letter or email thanking me for all my support, I will always think that I helped you become who you are today. I will always think of you as my grandson I wish I could have except I got a bunch of jaggoff grand kids.

Strawberry Way