Thursday, October 22, 2009

I AM SOOOO MAD I Have to FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!

Ever since I gave up Blogging, I have been having a nice life., but that hasn''t kept me from knowing stuff. I have been reading the paper and the blogs. Today when I was watching the video tape I made of the debate last night, i got so mad I had to come back to Blogging. Mr. Asscklin attacking our young Mayor was enough to stir this hornets net.

I AM SO MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come on. Why would The Mayor trust a guy who lives in Cranberry. That was enough to make me laugh. Luke is Pittsburgh born and bread so why would he trust someone who lives in Cranberry and let them "control" him?

That set off my alarms that anyone who believed it was a wacko. I checked my "wacko" channels the same way I check my scanner... I found Rich lord (who I think I use to have a clever nick name for but I can't remember it... Was it "Dick Lord"?). He was all over it like my dog Myron Cope finding a cat turd in a bush. I checked that Pittburgher guy who I hopefully has left Pittsburgh and is enjoying his medical marijuana in California to cure his mental illness. He has said nothing. HA HA. Look, Burgher, I am still blogging! I am nearing 70 and I beat you!That Bram guy is another story.

Strawberry Way

PS: I am a real person and not some sort of "astro turf" thing put out there by Pat Fords wife whatever her name was. Never accuss me of that again.