Monday, November 2, 2009

Pittsburgh is BIGTIME!!!

Somebody gave me this article about Our Mayor... here

It is from the New York Times! Which is the biggest oldest paper in the world and there we are.

Can you believe that there are people in New York City who are reading that article and there is quotes from Doug Sheild's? It is Doug Sheilds talking to New Yorkers. I find that neat.

One thing I got to thinking when reading that is how good it looks to the world that Pittsburgh has 2 other people running against The Mayor and they are not all Old White men. They are in their thirtys and one of them is black. The Mayor is the youngest one. I think that looks very good for Pittburgh. Where in other cities kids their ages are just finishing working at McDonald's or Starbucks, but here in Pittsburgh we can have them running our city!