Monday, April 14, 2008

Not Responsible

I just want to say that Mayor Luke is NOT responsible for this whole Lamar billboard debacle. I do not know why some mean people out there think that he is. They are just stupid. Here is how it is. First, Alecia Sleazekirk is (was) just the mayor's spokeswoman, she was not the Mayor. So, she can take gifts from anybody she likes. And if she takes bribes it is not the same as if the Mayor takes them. He only hired her, he is not her. Her husband, Pat Ford, is a different story. The Mayor hired Pat to consolidate all of the city development operations under one roof. Of course, the Mayor thought that the previous nice honest man who had this job (Jerry Dettore) was not good enough so the Mayor had to bring in his own buddy, Pat Ford. So what? This is what Mayors do. They bring in people who support their interests and goals to help run the city. The Mayor cannot help it if he brings in people who later turn out to be bribe-taking sleazeballs who grant favors to their buddies in exchange for sensurround systems. What is a sensurround system anyway? Is it something Alecia and Ford used for Kinky sex while watching fantasy videos of their friend Mr. Lamar? But, I digress. Actually, I should not say that Alecia and Pat took bribes. We do not know if they really took bribes. We only know that they took gifts from Mr. Lamar, the king of billboards. Then, they let Mr. Lamar put his butt ugly flashing electronic billboards up all over town, especially on the new bus station at the end of Grant Street. And they did not ask ANYBODY else like Mr. Bill Peduto if it was okay. People are now mad because Mr. Lamar's billboards are a gross eyesore. Shoot, even Ruth Ann Dailey is mad, so you know it must be bad. Well, come to think of it Ruth Ann, being an arch conservative, is mad about everything all the time. Except for Jesus who she loves. Just the other day, I saw Ruth Ann on WQED ranting on about how Pittsburgh should have a giant ferris wheel but does not. A FERRIS WHEEL? Just because George Ferris used to live here? What are we, London? How stupid is THAT? As if it would bring more young people back! Stupid stupid stupid. Can't we think of something original? Here I go digressing AGAIN! I used to think Pat Ford was really handsome and sexy but now I think he is really ugly because he loves billboards. I hate billboards! Anyway, just because our good Mayor Luke hired Pat and Alecia does not mean that Luke is responsible for EVERYTHING they do. So, I am really pissed off at the mean bloggers who are trying to say that the Mayor is responsible for Pat Ford's cronyism and favoritism towards that Mr. Lamar guy. Luke is NOT responsible, He did not even know about it, and he cannot help it if people in his administration take gifts and bribes and grant no bid contracts. It is not as if Luke was married to Alecia and Pat and could keep track of them 24/7. They only work (worked) for him. They are married to each other. Luke has more important Mayoral duties. Plus, he has his own wife to keep track of. So just shut up.