Monday, April 14, 2008

I Hate Blogger, Bloggers and Other Things!!!

From the Northside - rember vote HILLARY or you hate Pittsburgh

I had written a hole big thing about how you meanies have just ruined tons of peoples lives just to prove that you can blog in your pajamas, but Blogger erased it all. It basicly went like this....

Poor Alica and Pat, I hope they are spending the weekend at The Mountaineer. That would be a great way to get over an awful week. They could play some slots and the hole bad awful world will disappear. Watch some shows and have some drinks and everything will be better.

As for you bloggers, shame on you for ruining their lives. Don;t you understand, now all those business people aren't going to want to do business around here because they will be scared about doing anything that will ruin their lives. Soon Pittsburgh will be a ghost town and we will all crawling around looking for crumbs for food among the ruins of what was once beautiful Pittsburgh, but you guys will still be blogging in your hand cranked computers. I bet you all watched Planet of the Apes and rooted for the Apes!!! Damn you all.

Here is something from Mr. Tinklebreath's calendar that I couldn't get made...