Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I'm Back

From the Northside!!!!!!!!

I just got back from visiting my sister down in Florida for about 3 weeks. It was awful. I couldn't find anyone in her retirement community that had the Internet. At least here in Pittsburgh we have the Internet.

I have so much stuff to catch up on so I am going to be busy.

One thing I can say is that I am already tired of all the local blogs ragging on Mr. Ravenstahl for what he did on St. Patrick's day. So what if he went through the parade twice. I'm sure it was fun and he is The Mayor so I would say he could do it as many times as he wanted. I wish he would have done the parade 30 times!!!

Also, so what if he went to some bar on the Northside? He already said that he is a 20 something and he is going to do what 20 somethings do and I don't know any 20 something that doesn't get blind drunk on St Patrick's day. Why should The Mayor be any different? I personally think it would be refreshing if The Mayor held some office hours at some bar somewhere. I think that would get the young people more involved.

Also, so what if he asked a couple police officers to wear their baseball caps and shave or whatever. He is The Mayor. Those police are like those guards for Queen Elizabeth who wear those q-tip hats. They should just shut up and stand still and show a little disipline. If I were The Mayor, I would make those officers wear poodle costumes. Maybe that would teach them to shut up their hate holes.

Speaking of Hate Holes, when are local bloggers going to focus on importent things like litter or something. All they do is hate hate hate The Mayor. If it were not for the Internet, the only person who would hear them is their pet gerbals that they sometimes do what Richard Gere did to gerbals. Yuk.