Sunday, November 9, 2008

You Must Be Dance on Roofs!!!

Hallo Pittsburgh! I am glad and we still Celebration all over from Paris for you!

We are so happy in the same way that you are? I have seen the videos on the Pittburgh News Channels of the students out in the streets happy. No burning and chanting up satan. Just pure bliss. It is super to see so many people happy and joyous over the arrival of one person in a very historic moment.

You are so lucky to be there in the most adoptable city of Pittsburgh during this great time. The chosen one has come!!!!

Welcome the true baby mayor COOPER RAVENSTHAL!!!

As you may know I am a good catholic like the mayor. I believe that the baby becomes human at conception and while I believe that the baby was concieved in Paris, I therefore state that the baby is FRENCH. And he will be the first French Mayor of Pittsburgh!

Welcome to the planet earth, Mr. Cooper