Monday, November 3, 2008

Vote for Hillary Tomorrow

From the Northside

(I am sorry I have been away from this blog. I have been busy making Little Frankie's Halloween costume again this year - he went as The Mayor Luke Ravenstahl again this year but I made the golf shirt all myself)

If you are like me and I think most of you are, you can't wait until tomorrow is done. I am just sick of it but you have to do your American duty tomorrow and vote.

If you are like me and I think most of you are, you have never voted for a black man before. Once he beat Hillary (who I was a big supporter) it became obvious that since I always vote Democrat, I was going to have to vote for a black man. Now don't get me wrong, I am not a racist. I have lots of people who live around me who are colored. So I am just pointing out a fact - he is black. And I have never voted for a black man before.

(As a side note, I want to say how made I am at that Martha guy for calling Western PA racist rednecks)

So I have been think that tomorrow when I pull the lever ( I GUESSS IT IS NOT A LEVER ANY MORE !!!) So when I push the tv screen, for Oboma, I am just going to think that I am voting for Hillary because that is really who my vote is for.

When I think about McCain I think I am as old as that guy. I have a hard enough time keeping regular let alone run a country!!! What is he thinking! What does he want to be, the first president to ride around in one of those scooters?

I guess what I am saying is go out and vote tomorrow.

(and Monk, I know you are crazy and since you are a Luke supporter can you tone it down so they don't think all Luke supporters are out of our minds?)