Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Hart Flutters with Boundless Joy

From the always exciting Paris...

I know my posting on the Blog of Note has been less, it is because my job haas become like a chicken (or a Turkey for your Americans) with its head chopped off ( Have you seen the video of the always full of sexiness Ms. Palin among the Turkey slaughter? Why be shocked when she is a woman who survived many cold winters in the warmth of slaughtered bellys of raindeer?)

Anyway, I have seen the future of my job. I have been the head techical wizard of the fax machines of a large French multinational organization. But I see that the Fax machine is not the future here in Franch. I have often heard that Pittsburgh is 20 years behind everything so you must be just being introduced to the marvels of the Fax Machine. I ask you to petition all your high tech Business People of Vision to invite me to move to my adoptable city of Pittsburgh to introduce you to wonders of the Fax!!!

If you have not heard, you place a piece of paper in one of these machines of wonder and press a button and with magic of technology you can send the piece of paper to another Fax Machine anywhere in the world and that piece of paper with come out!!! This has come in very handy to learn about new business opportunities or to hear about "time share properties" or new things that you may sell! I think the people of Pittsburgh will stand in awe of such wonders.

Please call your High Tech Council for me and petetion them to give a grant for me to relocate to your city and spread the wonder!

So you may wonder why my hart flutteres? I have just read that Mr. Tony Norman is my number one fan!!! By being my fan he has shown the largness of his brain and all you Pittsburghers should follow he lead.

In tribute, I fired up the Paint program on my computer (as a high technologist this is not my best skill I will admit) and made this tribute to our new long lasting friend ship. Link