Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Day of Birth Pittsburgh

Hello from the European Pittsburgh of Paris

So yesterday was your day of Birth Pittsburgh? You must have had a large party with hats and cake! I hope the People of Vision planned a grand buffet and losened the shackles for the common people to wander down to the river where George Washington declared the city of Pittburgh!!! It must have been a wonderful day for you. The city must have stood still and sang the song of birthday as one. Did Mr. Big Ben lead the singing?

You must have been up all night partying in the rivers and throwing the paper snow with drinks and singing. Did you do the Hands Across The Pittsburgh? Where everyone grabbbed hands to form a human chain of gladness to show togetherness? We in France were so jellyous when you Americans did the Hands Across America? In France, we do not do such fun things.

With the birth of Cooper and the Birth Party of the city, it must be crazy in my adoptable city and then you have the Steelers going to the Super Bowl? My brain has become a puddle of excitement.
Who is the sexe girl on the 250 Birthday Website? Do all women of Pittsburgh look this way? I am a puddle ( not a poodle).