Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Financial Crises? I say "Shut up"

From the Northside...

I have to make quick because I have a hair dresser appointment.

I want to point out that some people say the city owes about a billion dollars, but we are doing ok. The Mayor Luke Ravenstahl is keeping it all together because of his supiority in his leadership. I don't see him all paniced. He walks around cool as a cucumber and our garbage keeps getting picked up and people keep awnsering 311 (after you've been on hold forever!!! I wish there was a number I could call to complain evertime I am put on hold for too long. Likae a number like 311311!!! Yeah, how about set up a 311 complaint line?)

Anyway, look at all those jagoffs in Washington and Wall street who are yapping, "The sky is falling. The sky is falling." They should take a lesson from The Mayor and remain calm and cut ribbons or dig a hole when a new building is going in.

Everybody is going all kookoo about this financial mess, but what they really should do is look at Pittsburgh and see how we have been handling it. We're not asking for no bailouts. I have yet to see anybody at the check cashing place saying I need my money now because Pittsburgh is failing. So everybody just calm down.

I would like to see Katie Curic come here and ask regular Pittsburghers how we have been living calmly with a billion dollar debt hanging over OUR heads. Maybe the nation could learn a lesson from us. Maybe that guy Phil Grahmcracker was right! The nation is just full of whinners.

I'm going to get my hair done!!!!!!