Friday, October 10, 2008

Monk: I know who you are

From the Northside

I just got back last night from a bus trip with me and my girlfriends up to the Seneca Niagra CaSINo and we had a wonderful time. I get back and I see that this guy Monk has pooped all over my blog. It is bad enough that my little mutt dog Myron Cope poops all over my kitchen floor, but do I need some one pooping all over my blog?

While I am the oldest blogger in Pittsburgh and you might think that I am as smart as a CMU Nerd, I'm not. I can turn on my computer and do what I need to do just like I am not a chef. I just know how to open my microwave's door and hit a few buttons. My granddaughter Tiffany is the computer person. She spends all her time on my computer doing her "job" which she says is customer service but it has something to do with a webcam and playing dance music. Anyway, it uses up my computer but I have to hand it to her, she is paying her way through beauty school and I don't have to give her money anymore for her tanning sessions.

I asked her if she could do her computer HooDoo stuff and tell me who this Monk guy is. It is Richard Mellon Sciafe!!!!! You know the guy who runs the Tribune Review. She did some Google thing and showed me a map and this Monk guy is in Shadyside and drinks a lot and types stuff up on the computer. So Mr. Monk, sorry to blow your cover, but why don't you go back to your billion dollar house and your poopy paper and cry into your little baby blanket? Or did your ex-wife take your little baby blanket?

(There you go, DeeGazette. That should put a sock in his pie hole!)