Monday, September 29, 2008

I am live Blogging the Steelers

Hello from my Black and Gold Paris

I have discovered a Launderette that is showcaseing the Steelers and the other team. I am in glee. It has the WIFI so I shall try to live blog this battle. It is early in the morning so as I wash my clothes I hope I do not wake up the Turkish family that lives in the back room.

That poor man is hurt! May he believe in God.

I missed a lot and the Steeler kicked the ball through the 2 yellow poles and 3 points are in our possession!

The Ravens have placed the ball through the 2 yellow poles and they have now equaled the Steelers with 3 points.

Big Ben is a Frankenstien. He gets tossed to the ground, but he needs to get up angry like the Hulk.

The Ravens are good at kicking the ball. Ben must tie his shoes tighter.

The Ravens have a fat man a very fat man,trying to cross the goal line, I have never seen a fat man running so fast.
Then Ravens get a touch down right before half time which makes it upsetting for drinking more beer. I wish for The Steelers to get to the locker room. They make it there but no points for that.

The Turkish family's dog took a shit on the Launderette floor. I missed the touchdowns. So I do not know what happened in the 3rd quarter.

How is the score the same? It is 20-20 with 1:15 left. Why is it so slow? Why do they not rip off heads and arms with blood and bones and get the ball in the goal?

Do they have earthworms in the dirt?


A ball through the 2 yellow poles and we have an won! Everyone is on the field. VICTORY!

Good Morning Paris,
Good Night Pittsburgh
Your Friend