Saturday, October 4, 2008

Luke is good on finances

Okay, maybe I am sitting at home alone on Saturday night and I had too many glasses of shardonnay for dinner. But I am reading about strawberry's post about the financial crsis and I think: right on! Yeah, so we keep hearing about how Pittsburgh is all bankrupt and stuff. But, nobody asked city council to give the city any old six bazillion dollar bailout. It's like Washington decided that Wall Street needed all kinds of money to bail themselves out and here we are in Pittsburgh bailing ourselves out and nobody else is helping us. Where is Mr. Bill Potatohead when we need city council to bail us out? Where is that republican guy who tried to become mayor? What was his name? Mark Desantis or something like that. Where is he now with his republican millions of dollars? He's probably out campaigning for the Lehman Brothers to become presidents, or maybe at least for McCain and Palin to win the election. I just think he could help us now with his millions of dollars, but where is he? That's right! Nowhere to be seen and only Luke is still around to help us get out of this wall street mess here in Pittsburgh. This is a another reason why Luke is Mayor for Life like Strawberry always says.

And, speaking of the republicans and this financial crisis. You can tell that Luke did not get us into the crisis because he is a democrat. But you can be sure that it is all the republicans' fault and you know it because they are not even around to help fix it. But what if McCain and Palin get elected. Boy are we in trouble. She is SO stupid. I have knicknamed her Sarah PAIN (you just have to drop the L). There is Pain in Palin. She is just dumb, dumb, dumb. And a total lying b*tch. Her most recent lie is that Obama is friends with terrorists. Anyway, I hope Luke does not support McCain/Palin because if he does that would be stupid. If they get elected we will wlays be bankrupt both financially, morally, and intellecktually.