Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Luke, Do Something!

I am hereby publicly asking Mayor Luke to do something about this whole Pittsburgh Steelers buyout thing. I know he is best friends with the Rooneys and Mario and Ben Rothlisberger so he must make sure that the Steelers do not get sold to this Drunkenhammer guy. What is going on here? This is an upset to the natural order of things. It is Pittsburgh and the Rooneys own the Steelers. End of story. Luke, you must do something. Some things should never change and LUke was elected to protect the status quote so I am asking that he make sure the Steelers do not get sold to a Drunk. I don't want to have to go to my councilman, Mr Potatohead, because it will take council way to long to do something that Luke can do with one phone call. All those stupid Rooney brothers who want to sell should sell to their big brother Dan, even if the offer is not good enough. This is very important to the future of Pittsburgh for the Rooneys to own the Steelers, so of course it is Mayor Luke's job to make sure the Rooneys are still in their rightful place as Steelers owners forever.