Monday, December 15, 2008

You Must Be So Happy I Am Alive!

Bonjour Pittsburgh ( I try so hard not to speak french to you because my English is so very awesome.)

I watched the Steeler trample the crippled black birds of Ballymore:( The Steelers climbed to the top of the AFC North with the help of all of us in Steeler Nation!!!

I have been converting a Turkish family that runs a laundry to aim their satelight beam to watch the game. Now you have 8 new Pittsburgh Fans - Muhammet, Yunus, Firat, Gizem, Duygu, Emir, Goker and Murat. There are also all the women who they make watch. We have a fun time. I have taught them to do "THE WAVE" and "STEELERS SONG" (Which I made up because I do not know no Pittsburgh music?)

We watched the game in a group on a card table among the cloth washering and cheered and waved our hand-home-made Aweful Towels! We are one BIG UNIT! Me and Turkque friendz and Steeler Nation.... ONE BIG UNIT! I hope to post pictures sometime.

(If feel the need for a shirt with this on it to show my Pride? Mr. TinkleBreath may you make me memory objects...what do you call? Memory Mobile?

P.S. I was not one who wore masks and stole jewelry from the Big Stores here in Paris! No I did not rob and take money and fly to Pittsburgh to be with my friends Mr. Luke Ravenstahl and Mr. Bill Clinton and Mr. Rush Limbaugh ( no.... haha,,,friends in my dreams.